Slut shaming. Fat shaming. Body shaming.
A woman's perception of her own body begins through the eyes of society. She judges herself based off the other's gaze. But how does she truly see herself? How can a woman reconcile how she wants to appear when society's overuse of social justice fighters scream for her to love herself as she is? 
The process of film photography is one that forces the photographer to slow down, dawdling behind modern culture’s digital conveniences. This allows contemplation and analyzation to percolate. Through the haze of smoke and mirrors a woman emerges looking to, for, and at herself. What she sees is up to the viewer through their own personal experiences. The interaction between the layered imagery masks and reveals different parts of the woman’s journey to find fulfilment. Though she hunts for her own self-acceptance, it is up to the viewer whether or not she finds it. 

Photos in Detail
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