Lithography, 6 custom colors, plexiglass, hung from wires. Frame custom built. 
This project was created during my graduate studies as part of an upper level MFA Printmaking class. There are twelve panes cut and hung along the golden ratio. The images were create from photographs converted to polygonal illustrations and then printed onto the plexiglass panes. There are three layers with four images each.
The three layers together represent the basic cycle of any romantic relationship. Hunting and capture, tied together, and breaking bonds. For some relationships, this happens very quickly. While other relationships last a lifetime and the bond is only broken due to death. 

A red ribbon flows through all the panes connecting each layer to the others, representing the traditional metaphor of the red string of fate. This was used with in intention of helping the view move around the installation. Through the act of moving, the perspective of the panes shifts, the ribbon interconnects different pairings in different ways. The stories evolve due to the movement overlapping the images in new ways; thus the viewers perspective on the relationships change. 
Yellow/Green - Finding your partner
Blue/Purple - Paired with partner
Red/Orange - Split from partner

The golden ratio was used in calculating the panels and the sizing of the imagery. The choice was one of personal aesthetics, yet reflects a thematic idea on relationships: Though the golden ratio is typically undetected, life's patterns unfold over time. It is through repetition that we begin to see a larger story.  
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